Proluxe P850/918

Product description:

At 8-9m in length, these are very useful sized tenders; they are dimensioned to fit into current stowage/launching arrangements of some of the leading Large Yacht builders. The Proluxe 870 series features an aluminium hull and deck with a 2.74m beam and a mid engined “walk-around” seating arrangement. As a testimony to Zodiac Proluxe reliability, a 2003 launched Yacht regularly puts 1200 hours per year on one of its 2 Proluxe 870’s with just scheduled maintenance. The finish of the aluminium hull and deck can be buffed metal or filled, faired and epoxy’d.

The aluminium 8.70 x 2.74m hull is a well proven platform with over 100 hulls in service around the world in both outboard and inboard configurations. The removable inflatable (or foam) buoyancy tube is in proportion to the beam thus providing a 1680mm internal width that can be optimised according to the priorities of the Tender. The modular deck space is available for most arrangements. The same concept is available for the slightly wider GRP Proluxe 850. It too can be finished to a stunning yacht quality standard whilst still retaining its multi-function character.

Some details…

For more details and the full specifications, please download the attached PDF file (download button) or contact us directly for general arrangement drawings and pricing options.