Proluxe P733/P753

Product description:

The Proluxe 733 and its 753 model variant have been put aboard Yachts and Ships since 1998 and a number of different configurations have been selected. The best known is in a high speed single diesel/sterndrive arrangement but twin 6 cylinder outboard set-ups have also been popular. The increased hull length of the Proluxe 753 can make better use of the increased horsepower capacity due to its larger wetted surface area… The removable inflatable (or foam filled) buoyancy collar offers a real advantage over glued on collars when it comes to operational maintenance and repairs. Replacement collars can be shipped by air if needs be.The lifting options include a low single point arrangement, a 4 legged sling or dual lifting points. Whatever the hoisting or stowage challenges presented by the Yacht, ZHT engineers can usually find a sensible and documented solution. The hull and deck presents the Owner opportunities to position the steering console and seating arrangements in the best possible configuration suited to the intended application or to make the Tender as multifunctional as possible. This modular approach to deck and equipment layout can be a real advantage to an Owner who requires a unique or an original concept. All the operating systems in the boat are fully documented which provides the Yacht engineers with a complete information package to aid troubleshooting, maintainability and spare parts.

Some details…

For more details and the full specifications, please download the attached PDF file (download button) or contact us directly for general arrangement drawings and pricing options.