Hurricane H853/H933/H938

Product description:

Probably the optimum size for an Adventure RIB, these 8/9m GRP hulls are big enough and strong enough to tackle some serious blue water. Fitted with the shock mitigation seating, large fuel tanks and plenty of horsepower, Hurricane RIBS are operating in various parts of the world as primary craft that are willing to take their passengers to remote regions to find the rare and unusual.

They are also built to high naval standards to ensure that systems failure will not prevent you from getting back home. Reliability and confidence in the product are paramount to successful Adventure expeditions and Zodiac Hurricane’s 35 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers provide you with that confidence.

There are countless configurations and seating arrangements that have already been engineered and tested and each one of these can be fine tuned to provide you with exactly the layout for your individual needs. A single or twin outboard or inboard set up offers you lots of choice between speed and/or endurance; a plethora of navigational and communication aids are available to keep you on course and in touch and there is no boat safer than a well found Hurricane RIB to get you there.

Some details…

For more details and the full specifications, please download the attached PDF file (download button) or contact us directly for general arrangement drawings and pricing options.