Hurricane 753 ICE Extended

Product description:

The Hurricane 753 outboard model is the smallest of the current Hurricane RIBS that feature the ICE fully enclosed shock mitigation system. This is an amazing product that extends your Adventure Ribbing to the limit of your imagination. ICE (integrated control environment) nacelles are independent from the deck of the Hurricane but obviously attached to it by means of hydraulic struts that absorb the vertical accelerations of the hull; in other words, slamming into waves at speed.

The driver and passengers are protected by the confines of the ICE nacelle as is the navigation and communication equipment and operating controls. The ICE can be customised to an extent by adding shock mitigating seats aft and of course the whole system will fit in a bigger Hurricane Adventure RIB. This is a unique product that serious Adventure navigators should consider when planning their next expedition.

Some details…

For more details and the full specifications, please download the attached PDF file (download button) or contact us directly for general arrangement drawings and pricing options.