Hurricane H749/H779

Product description:

These aluminium hulled Adventure Ribs offer an alternative to regular GRP boats and are of special interest to Owners looking for outstanding rugged performance in severe conditions. The H749 is a deep V hull while the H779 features Zodiac’s exclusive air channel hull. These offer Owners a choice of performance in the same size category.

The H749 is often used in ship board applications in both the Artics and its hull has a proven track record in ice. Fitted with sub zero engine starting equipment, the H749 can extend your RIB Adventures as far as you can imagine. The newer H779‘s exclusive hull design enhances performance for waterjet propulsion. The air channels that are incorporated into the hull reduce friction and increases performance by 5% on a normal deep V hull.

Directional stability is also enhanced due to the new geometry of the underwater profile. This evolution in aluminium hull design is unique to Zodiac hurricane and can be applied to other larger hulls if required. The H779 can use new powerful diesel engines up to 480 hp to give high cruising speeds and extended range. The waterjet option makes sense on extended Adventure cruises due to their robustness and absence of shafts, struts or propellers that can get broken.

Some details…

For more details and the full specifications, please download the attached PDF file (download button) or contact us directly for general arrangement drawings and pricing options.