Zodiac Hurricane Adventure RIBS

Zodiac Hurricane more or less invented Adventure RIBS as a category with the introduction of the cross-over Navy Seals RIB CZ7 in 2003.


As the name implies, Zodiac Hurricane‘s range of Adventure RIBS are designed and built to go on almost any maritime expedition- but in superb style and reliability. Developed from Zodiac’s range of proven platforms, Adventure Ribs are custom built using Hurricane‘s wide degree of experience and 36 years of supplying discerning customers worldwide. Adventure RIBS are for Owners wanting more out of their boats. Some want to go and explore; search for the rare and unusual, some want to travel fast, through seas that deter others, in comfort and safety, knowing they can come home safely in almost any weather from a 200 mile excursion.


Operating from a Large Yacht or a land base, Zodiac Adventure RIBs can take you farther than you ever imagined. Available in aluminium of GRP , outboard or inboard, there are 4 basic sizes to choose from. Each can be finitely engineered to match your vision; from going across a treacherous gulf to exploring the North West Passage. Ultimate Adventure Ribs fitted with suspension Nacelles and seating isolate the crew from the shocks associated with the vertical accelerations of the deck and extend high speed cruising with less fatigue. These high tech suspension systems are an important recent development in advancing the use of Adventure RIBS. Also, Zodiac’s new and unique air channel hull design, available on certain 8-11m sizes, bring higher speeds, more autonomy and more fuel economy; helping you to push back the boundaries .